Topic Reference File
Deism and Dualism

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Family Values and Relationality

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Hermeneutics and Spirituality

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Religious Spirituality and Psychology

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Secular and Christian Truth in Therapy

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Theism and Natural Science Methods

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Theism and Therapeutic Community

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Theism and Method Biases

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Spirituality and Theology in Psychotherapy

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Psychology's Prejudice Against Theism

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Psychology's Prejudice Against Theism's Prejudice

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Natural Science Methods

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Method and God - a reply

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Including God in Psychotherapy

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Religious Implications of Western Personality Theories

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Method decisions: Quantitative and Qualitative Models

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Epistemology of Psychology of Religion

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Problems in Conceptualizing Religious Practices

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CS Lewis and Truth

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Ideology of Empiricism

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Diary of a Probing Theist

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Theistic Approaches to Psychology

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